Mango fruit is known as the king of fruits. Mango is used in many dishes in India or other countries. Mango also comes in various varieties such as, Hapus, Ratnagiri, Chausa, Amrapali, Sindhura,Alphonso mango, etc. People in India wait for the mango season to enjoy the juicy and pulpy mangoes. There are many sweet and spicy dishes which are made from the mangoes like Aam Papad, Mango jellies, Mango Chutney, Mango candies, Aam Panna, and many mango drinks. The main reason mango is called the king of fruits is that it is rich in its nutritional value. Mangoes are very rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Potassium, and Magnesium. Mangoes are also a remedy for high blood pressure and are a cure for many diseases. Mangoes also prevent cancer, heart diseases, and premature ageing. This means mangoes are a mixture of juicy and pulpy with a good nutritional value. 

Now, Let’s talk about a famous Mango dish i.e, Aam Papad. Aam Papad is a small jelly-like dish which is cut in thin pieces and is sweet and sour in taste. It is a traditional Indian snack which is eaten by Indian people after a meal for a good digestion.  Aam Papad has many health benefits. One, and main one is that it prevents constipation and keeps your stomach healthy and fresh. It is not only used in India but in many different countries also. Aam Papad first originated in India. In the 90's, Aam Papad was the favourite snack of the people. Nowadays, it is difficult to find these Papads. Aam papads were the favourite candies of the 90’s kids. Besides Aam Papad, they used to eat anardana, aam goliyan, Khatti Meethi candies, and more. 

Aam Papad is a snack which is made from the pulp of the Mango. The mango pulps are used to dry in the sun and then the dried mango are cut in small and thin jelly-like pieces. The mango pulp is mixed with concentrated sugar. It tastes sweet and sour and comes in many different varieties like sweet Aam Papad, Khatta Aam Papad, Black Aam Papad, Masala Aam Papad, etc. This is a dish which is preserved and can be enjoyed even when there is no mango season. A person doesn't have to wait for a mango season to eat this tasty jelly like food.

Aam Papad is a traditional home made dish which originated in India. Indian Womens make this dish in their households and it is very easy to prepare it. It is popular in India as well as other countries. Aam Papad is exported to different parts of the World. Later, Indian Women make Aapm Papad at their homes which contains no preservatives and artificial flavours. Nowadays, the main ingredients are sugar, mango pulp, salt and many artificial ingredients and artificial nutritional value. 

Aam Papad has different names in different parts of India. It is also known as Aamba Sadhaa, Aamta, Amawat, Maanga Thera, Mamidi Tandra, Aamsotto, and Amba Vadi. Aam Papad is a simple dish but there are many things to know about that. It is very wide in history and nobody can beat its taste till now.