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Mukhwas is a delicious and nutritious South Asian snack that can be enjoyed after meals or as a digestive aid. It is made with a variety of seeds and nuts, including fennel, anise, coconut, coriander, and sesame. Mukhwas is typically sweet in flavour and highly aromatic due to the addition of sugar and essential oils, such as peppermint oil. The seeds can be savoury or sweet—coated in sugar or spices—making mukhwas a perfect snack for any time of day. Mukhwas is an amalgamation of the Sanskrit word Mukh (Mouth) and Vaas (Smell).

Bad breath is gone! Mukhwas, or fennel seeds, is a common (and delicious) way to freshen your mouth and keep your breath smelling great. But did you know that fennel seeds are also packed with essential nutrients? Fennel is a rich source of vitamins and minerals that can help support your overall health. So next time you're looking for a healthy snack, reach for some mukhwas!

Fennel seeds or saunf are a powerhouse of nutrients, containing minerals like calcium, zinc, potassium, copper and manganese. They also boast high levels of vitamins C and A, iron and selenium. These nutrients offer a host of benefits for the human body, from regulating heart rate to controlling acid-base balance in the stomach. According to a study, fennel seeds are a natural way to keep your blood pressure in check. Chewing on these seeds increases the nitrite content in saliva, which leads to stabilising blood pressure. Fennel seeds are also known for being helpful in keeping indigestion in check. This is due to the flavonoids and other essential oils like anethole that they contain.

There are many different types of mukhwas available in India, each with its own unique flavour. Mukhwas is a traditional Indian mouth freshener that is used to clean the palate and aid in digestion. Mukhwas can range from being very mild in taste to strong and vibrant. Some varieties of mukhwas are even salty or sweet. No matter what your preference, there is sure to be a mukhwas that suits your taste.

 India is a land of rich culture and traditions. One of the many ways we show our hospitality here is by offering mukhwas to guests after a meal. It is our way of ensuring that you are comfortable and have enjoyed your meal. Mukhwas is a traditional Indian mouth freshener made from a mix of spices and seeds. It helps to cleanse the palate and digestion after a meal. Paan, which leaves the mouth red, is another popular choice for guests. In ancient times, it was considered a sign of good luck.

Mukhwas is an integral part of Indian cuisine, with a history that is difficult to trace. Most food historians believe that the tradition dates back to the Islamic rule in India, when rulers would chew on betel nuts and fennel seeds to sweeten their breath and palate after every meal. Some also associate the practice with the arrival of Portuguese traders in the 16th century, who brought with them sweetened aniseed balls. Whatever its origins, mukhwas has become a beloved part of Indian culture, enjoyed by people of all ages.

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